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Band In My Hand LLC specializes in hand bags and purses made from original vinyl record albums that are known throughout the consumer markets for their quality and uniqueness.

Our client base includes various celebrities as well as wholesale and retail merchants. In addition our products are available to retail customers directly from our website and through various retail outlets that stock our product line. Original Record Album Purses can also be found at various expos and trade show events across the USA. You can order any artist or band imaginable that is available on 12 inch and 7 inch vinyl records. With the technology of today we have access to record suppliers around the globe.

Band In My Hand LLC Products can be purchased directly from the manufacturing house in Arkansas, via the company website, telephone, and mail order as well as various markets and expos across the US.

Band In My Hand LLC is the original creator of The Original Record Album Purses protected by patents #D517,810 #D585,192 & #D553,855 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. There are many imitators trying to duplicate the outstanding quality and production of our product line with little success. Band In My Hand has proved to provide an excellent product with a reliable business standing gaining product recognition and trust amongst consumers time and time again. We strive to offer superior quality products and have had great success building consumer and wholesaler trust in our products.

Our patented hand crafted product line is available via phone, company website, trade shows, special events, craft fairs and in select retail outlets by authorized sales distributors.

Band In My Hand is and will always be a family owned and operated company. What started out as Mom and Dad's dream idea has turned in to a huge love for the original record album purse. For years Mom and Dad carried the dream with a warehouse full of albums and equipment. And, as a family, it was something we all put effort in to. As many of you know, Mom, Judy, lost her battle to cancer in December of 2014. Their company and dream still lives on with the addition of their daughter and grandchildren as part of them team.

Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail from a trained eye was one of Dad's passion lessons, and we're pleased to say that we are able to carry on the torch right along side of him.

We would like to thank our customers and express our true appreciation for their continued support and patronage!